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Aerial Video

Use Aerial Video or Done Video to Capture Your Property Accurately

Have you ever seen a property in person that wasn’t the size you expected? Maybe it looked like it had an amazing yard or that the lot was huge, but once you got there you realized it was actually very small or unimpressive. Maybe the seller showed a pool or large workshop in the backyard but you found that the pictures they had used misrepresented the size or shape of the structures.
These issues are why we offer aerial video and drone video production at Architara Photography. It’s our goal to help you sell your property by giving people an accurate depiction of what to expect. Showing your home and property from above gives an accurate representation of the lot and the layout of the lot. It offers buyers more to look at and a better understanding of what they should expect when they arrive.
We also help digitally stage homes, so if you’d like to add on to the drone video, try having us put together a 3D digital walkthrough of your home. This gives people an opportunity to see the property and explore its layout, so they feel what it’s like to live there.
On their own, digital photographs aren’t enough to capture the full feel of your property. However, combining traditional photography with drone videos, 3D walkthroughs and customized flyers and brochures gives you the opportunity to provide more to your potential buyers. You can impress them with the work you’ve put in and encourage them to come to your property and see its potential. Let us help you do what is necessary to market your property. We’d love to help you get the real estate media that you need. Call us today at 951-298-9272 to learn more about the services that we provide.

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