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Prepping for Photos

Staging the house for photos is one of the most important steps in the selling process. Often what’s in the picture will inspire a potential home buyer to schedule a walk-through. This is almost as important as the number of bedrooms or whether or not a new roof was just put on. 



                                      for a detailed room by room list of tips for staging your home



Now, there may not be time or budget to do everything, but do as much as possible. Here are some of the most important general tips:

  • Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, clean windows, clean bathroom mirrors)

  • Declutter as much as possible- less is more especially in kitchens and bathrooms

  • Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs

  • Use bulbs of the same temperature (no 1 yellow then 1 blue)

  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF

  • Turn all TVs OFF

  • Turn all computer screens OFF

  • Tilt open blinds, open window treatments to let in outside light

  • Remove or reduce personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs)

  • Make all beds

  • If there is upgraded flooring- Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

  • Place all shoes/jackets/laundry in closets

  • Remove cars, trash cans, other large items from driveway and front of house

Please keep in mind, that as the photographer, we keep our costs down by minimizing our time at each listing and only taking photos. The listing should be photo-ready by the time we arrive. 

not ready for professional photos
staged for photos
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