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construction photography

Architara Photography offers high-resolution digital construction progress photography integrated with blueprints/CAD drawings with customizable routine, milestone and event driven scopes.


Overall Project: 

Project will be photographed at a frequency determined by the client.  All photographs will be associated to a point on the blue print/CAD drawing. Each site visit, we will stand in the same area, facing the same direction to take the photograph, giving the client an accurate visual time line of each specific area. 


Preconstruction Survey/Existing Conditions: 

Photographic survey conducted to document existing conditions of adjoining structures and site areas, to include roads, sidewalks, buildings, landscape, etc.  Existing structure including pre-post demolition, unforeseen conditions, existing MEP and structural elements, sprinkler, and “non-code compliant” discoveries. Existing conditions can also include aerial photography and/or video, completed by drone.



Captures the cabling, communications and conduit entering and exiting the buildings and between buildings.  All underground plumbing and electrical conduit will be photographed. 



Slabs are photographed just prior to the slab-pour to capture rebar placement/reinforcement, underground conduit and other in-floor systems, penetration placement, etc. Then once again after the pour to capture complete time line and verify quality.


Exterior, Interior, Structural:

Complete views of the exterior from grade, to include detail of doors, curtain wall and other possible intrusion areas. Detailed interior images capture all accessible walls throughout the project with focus on mechanical, electric, plumbing and insulation benchmark dates.


Aerial, Roof:

We will use a drone to capture aerial photos and/or videos of the site, building, construction work, roads, roofs, etc. 

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