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Price List- Architectural and Brand Photography & Media

Architara Photography offers professional  architectural, vacation rental, brand and commercial marketing photography, using a DSLR camera with a wide angle lens.  We work from a tripod for maximum stability and thoughtful composition -- not a 'point-and-shoot' image. Following the shoot, expert Photoshop enhancements adjust the images to their maximum potential. Commercial marketing photographs require more attention to detail and editing, so we offer superior enhancements for our clients. All images are digital, enhanced HDR photographs, delivered via dropbox to the company within 24-48 hours. All pricing includes unlimited use license.

HDR Photography
Enhanced HDR digital images. For our marketing photo shoots we spend a little more time on site to carefully select the best angles, as well as include lifestyle photos (upon request). We will do elevated editing to the photos, so they look as good as possible. , see gallery HERE
  • up to 20 enhanced images=   $225

  • 25 enhanced images=   $250

  • 30-35 enhanced images= $300

  • 40-45 enhanced images= $350

  • 50-55 enhanced images= $425

  • Twilight photos- up to 10 images (done at time of day shoot)=  $275

  • Twilight photos- up to 10 images (individual trip)= $350

  • *additional/custom photo quantities available, contact for more info

Drone Aerial Photo & Video

Get hii-res photos and 4K video from a drone. We will do elevated editing to the photos, so they look as good as possible. See gallery HERE

  • up to 20 hi-res photos=  $225

  • 5 hi-res photos, only available as an add-on to a ground photo package= $150

  • Sunset Aerial Photography, up to 10 hi-res photos  (done at time of day shoot)= $275

  • Sunset Aerial Photography, up to 10 hi-res photos  (individual trip)= $350

  • 1-2 Minute HD Video= $350 (includes 2 drone launch points)

  • up to 25 hi-res photos and 1-2 minute HD video= $475

Architara 3D Tour, powered by Matterport

Get a virtual 3d showcase, we will keep the tour active for 1 year (additional time will be charged accordingly). see info and example HERE

  • $300 up to 2,000 SqFt  

  • $350 up to 3,000 SqFt

  • $425 up to 4,000 SqFt

  • $525 up to 5,000 SqFt

  • $625 up to 6,000 SqFt

  • over 6,000 sqft is $.15/sf

  • add a digital floor plan $30

  • add Mattertags and/or Measurements- starting at $30

Add-On Editing Services

Request custom editing and add digital enhancement to your photos, see examples HERE

  • Virtual Blue Sky (edit a gray sky to be blue with clouds)   included

  • Virtual Twilight Sky (edit a dark twilight sky to be colored sunset)   included, upon request

  • Virtual Twilight Image (edit a daytime exterior photos to look like a twilight photo) $25/image

  • Advanced Editing (removal of car/people, add faux sign, etc) starting at $30 per image

  • YouTube slideshow video of all photography with music, text and branding $30

Travel Fees may apply

Some Properties/Locations are subject to a travel fee. Upon booking the photo shoot, agent will be notified of travel fees. 

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography has become increasingly more utilized in the marketing of real estate. Careful timing and technique is required for this type of photo shoot. This add-on will occur around the time the sun sets, which changes year round.

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